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    May 2017
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31 Days of Prayer for the least reached in Africa

Africa was once referred to as the “dark” continent. Through prayer God is in the process of turning this around. It is becoming a continent of LIGHT! More people are coming to Christ in Africa than any other continent with the result that more workers are being sent out than ever before! However, Africa and her people still have many challenges they needs to face - animism, violence, and corruption just to name a few. According to the Joshua project there still remain 990 people groups in Africa that have not heard the gospel.

We invite you to join us, and many Christians throughout Zimbabwe and indeed the rest of the world, as we join God in what He is doing in the nations! Every day in the month of May, we will be praying, focusing on a different people groups from Africa as we cry out to the Lord to save nations of Africa. But prayer is not our end goal, we know that when we enter into conversation with God and cry out for a nation, God can also use to go and bring the good news. Will you answer the call if God chooses you.

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The Arabs in North Africa

“I have been having dreams about this man (a missionary) and went to speak to someone in my family who knows about dream interpretations. In my dreams this man is constantly planting trees. My sister said that maybe the trees were to build a house in Paradise; but the man says that they were women and people he cares for that want to have freedom… that he was tending to them. I pray to Allah that this man would live long and be able to help many find this freedom.”
- African Arab, story from prayafrica.org

The girl from the story above puts huge significance in dreams (most Arabs do). Pray that she and many others will have dreams of Jesus! Oftentimes the Muslim Arabs will be so close to the truth. Only God can truly open their eyes and show them the truth.

The Arabs of North Africa have diverse cultures and traditions, but they all share Arab culture and language. Many of them are businessmen and farmers. Tourism and petroleum products are important to the economies.


Almost 100 percent of the North African Arabs are Muslims. They are taught from an early age that Islam holds all life’s answers. Though Jesus is an important “prophet” to them, they believe that Mohammed is the final prophet, and his teachings are most important. How does one overcome teachings that come from parents and those with the highest status in their communities?


Many North Africans are immigrating to Italy in order to find a job. Followers of Christ who want to share the gospel with North Africans in Italy can help them with job skills, or even teach them how to establish their own micro businesses. While it is very difficult and often illegal to evangelise Arabs in their own countries, the diaspora into other nations provides a unique access into their society.


  • Pray for North African Arabs to set free from the spiritual bondage of Islam.