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Our purpose is to mobilise the church to send missionaries and to facilitate the sending of those missionaries to go and make disciples of all nations

While Zimbabwe is considered a largely Christian country (approximately 70% of the population are considered Christian), nominalism is prevalent and ancestral worship is practiced alongside Christianity. In addition to this, reaching the nations with the gospel has not been something the church has considered its responsibility. By the grace and working of God, this mentality is changing and we are seeing a depth of faith and reliance upon God in the Zimbabwean church.

Over the years Zimbabwe has been ravaged by disease, corruption and poverty. Extreme inflation has been somewhat curbed by the introduction of the dollar, which has brought about a level of relief to the economy, but unemployment remains high. A few people enjoy wealth, but this kind of lifestyle is limited to Harare, the capital, and other cities.


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  • Mobilising Zimbabweans

    Mobilising Zimbabweans

    Through churches, pastors, the next generation, and even ecumenical bodies, we challenge individual Christians to consider ‘GO-ing’ as missionaries and the Church to consider ‘SEND-ing’. This is mainly done through building relationships and exposing Christians

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  • Prayer


    We commit to involving people internally and externally with prayer, within and beyond our borders. We hold events such as an annual Month of Prayer, in which we inform people of the Gospel needs in

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  • Short Term Outreaches

    Short Term Outreaches

    We desire for churches to reach beyond their borders and become involved with opportunities to go on mission, even for a short duration. Because of this, we create numerous national and international opportunities to serve

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  • Missions Discipleship Training

    Missions Discipleship Training

    The goal of our Mission Discipleship Training program is to equip long-term pioneer missionaries who will have an impact for the Kingdom among the least reached people groups in Africa and beyond. Trainees are equipped

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  • Support Services

    Support Services

    God provides us with His resources for His purposes in OM Zimbabwe, including people, finances and assets. We desire to be excellent stewards, caring for the people who work with us , and providing the support

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  • Tonga Ministry

    Tonga Ministry

    The Tonga are known as the forgotten people, living in impoverished conditions with little access to health facilities. For 5 days each week, a missionary (living amongst the Tonga) travels to different villages and provides

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