Homes of Hope

Provides safe homes and educational support to orphans and vulnerable children rescued from child labour and living on the streets.

Poverty and HIV/AIDS in the area of Kasama, Zambia, greatly affects the community. People are subject to poor living conditions and widows struggle to provide for their families. Children miss out on an education, because they are encouraged to earn an income for their families. Many female children become victims of sexual abuse, human trafficking and early marriages. The community lacks Christian teaching and discipleship.

Homes of Hope aims to address these challenges by providing a safe living environment for children in crisis and supporting widows in need. It provides educational support for orphans and vulnerable children, along with Christ-centred learning programs. We aim to make skills training available to widows to alleviate poverty and improve their social and economic well-being. The project also equips the community with information on how to combat Human Trafficking and HIV/AIDS.