Bethesda Ministry

Our vision is to equip and empower people with disabilities holistically, and to bring God´s hope and truth through different ministries into the life of the people in Nakoli.

In July 2009 a gathering was held at the OM Trainings base in Kabwe. 130 people with disabilities (+ their caregivers) attended and enjoyed having a time of fellowship, sports, prayers and a meal. Our eyes were opened to the great need. We realised that their biggest needs are education, physio-therapy and equipment like wheelchairs and crutches. Many children with disabilities are predominantly kept in their homes (hidden from the outside world). They are seen as outcasts, and there is a negative stigma around them. God put it on our hearts to change this.

We started ministering in Nakoli which is one of the biggest compounds in Kabwe. The living conditions are poor, with bad sanitation and health problems. There is a high rate of HIV/Aids victims, and therefore a high number of orphans. We are managing a community school in Nakoli, and through this ministry we have built relationships within the community.