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Our desire in Zambia is to increase our focus on leadership training and discipleship as a response to the trend of the Zambian church being strong in numbers but in many places lacking church leaders who are "mission-minded"—who desire to see the church mobilised and know how to mobilise it—and, as a result, lacking discipleship and training in the church regarding God's vision and mission. In addition to this, we desire to see lives and communities changed in a sustainable way among the least reached and marginalised, and to mobilise the church to share God’s glory with the nations.

Victoria Falls, Lake Tanganyika and the Zambezi basin are some of the key words associated with the geographically diverse country of Zambia. Situated in Southern Africa, Zambia is a landlocked country with a tropical climate and plenty to see. Farming and mining are some of the country’s main economic contributors, but many people still live below the poverty line. Like many other countries in Africa, a large percentage of the population suffers from AIDS.


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  • Mercy House

    Mercy House

    Mercy House is a daycare centre for the children in Makululu which started in 2012. Makululu is the second and one of the poorest shanty compounds in Sub-Saharan Africa. Mercy House offers lunch, English classes,

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  • Teacher Training

    Teacher Training

    There is a lack of educated teachers from within the vulnerable communities to be role models for their own sons and daughters. Additionally, communities in remote and vulnerable areas have no access to a Christ-centered

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  • Church Mobilisation

    Church Mobilisation

    One hundred years ago, missionaries came to Zambia who brought the gospel of the Kingdom, and built schools and hospitals. Many Zambians became Christians and benefitted from the educational and health facilities. However, they were

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  • Missions Discipleship Training

    Missions Discipleship Training

    The Missions Discipleship Training (MDT) is a training programme intended to expand knowledge and understanding for those interested in missions.

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  • SportsLink


    SportsLink was founded as a result of witnessing how sport breaks down barriers to allow diverse cultures, faiths, and ethnic backgrounds to join together as a community to address the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs

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  • Media


    Media is one of the tools that we use to reach out to people. Media is one of the tools that we use to reach out to people. Through videos, social media, slide shows people

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  • Bethesda Ministry

    Bethesda Ministry

    Our vision is to equip and empower people with disabilities holistically, and to bring God´s hope and truth through different ministries into the life of the people in Nakoli. In July 2009 a gathering was

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  • Small Business Enterprises

    Small Business Enterprises

    With women often uneducated and illiterate, thus unable to generate any form of income, when widowed, they face many obstacles in caring for their children. As part of our church plant initiatives, we have adult

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  • AIDSLink International*

    AIDSLink International*

    We partnering with AIDSLink International in order to impact the global HIV and AIDS pandemic. People living with HIV often live in fear of rejection from friends, family and their community which prevents many from

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  • Farming God's Way

    Farming God's Way

    Zambia is a country blessed with many resources, especially regarding agriculture, but the farmers do not utilize the resources because of various reasons, some being, lack of knowledge, cultural practices and a poverty mindset. Through

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  • Impact Multiplied

    Impact Multiplied

    Through Impact Multiplied (IM), we strive to create self sustainable mission projects and at the same time create jobs and empower locals through one-to-one discipleship and on-the-job training. Ministry projects and missionaries need continual sustainable

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  • Homes of Hope

    Homes of Hope

    Provides safe homes and educational support to orphans and vulnerable children rescued from child labour and living on the streets. Poverty and HIV/AIDS in the area of Kasama, Zambia, greatly affects the community. People are

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  • Tabitha Skills Development

    Tabitha Skills Development

    Adult literacy and skills training to ladies, enabling them to provide for their households and be encouraged to reach others in their community. Women from rural areas in Africa are often uneducated or illiterate and

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