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Beating the drums of prayer

OM Zimbabwe is mobilising churches to pray through a booklet that provides information about the state of the Church and the needs of the world.

BLOG: Counted worthy to suffer

"Sometimes, we missionaries suffer in silence from a range of personal, work and spiritual issues," shares OMer Simon. "In those times, we cannot see Christ at work and simply want the emotional pain to subside. The weight of the conflict that rages inside us threatens to crush the ministry, our families and even our faith itself. We yearn for someone to talk to, someone who will actually listen and not just jump to a default response - “pray harder” or “pain and suffering is for your benefit.” 

Cult leader appeals for OM help

A cult leader has an encounter with Christ and appeals for OM help to train some of his church leader so they can be Bible based.

Envisioning the future

OM Zimbabwe hosted a Youth Camp in which young people were taught how share gospel in one of the outreaches.

Fun run to raise funds

An outreach team to Siabuwa in rural Zimbabwe, joins hands with the local community in a fun run aimed at helping the local community raise money to build a community centre.

Invitation to equip the church

An outreach team visits the marginalised Dema people of Northern Zimbabwe and receives an invitation to teach local pastors to reach the people.

Making disciples through sport

One coach helps his team work towards their goal of becoming superstar football players one day, but he also impacts them for Christ.

Siabuwa Missions Conference 2013

At the Siabuwa Missions Conference, the OM team and local pastors met to discuss uniting efforts to minister to the unreached in Zimbabwe.

Springs in the desert

An outreach team blesses their host community by digging them a well much closer to their homes.

Students contribute to finance colleague

One of OM Zimbabwe's 10 students lost his mother shortly before the training started. Being the oldest in his family, he was expected to pay for the funeral and used the money he had raised as his training fees since the church was not paying for him. He is allowed to stay for two weeks at the Training base but a day before that grace period the rest of the student contributed money to cover his training fees for two months

Visible and invisible L.I.F.E

Africa has been called the overly evangelised but under-discipled continent. The L.I.F.E. Development Programme addresses these issues and celebrates three generations of disciples in Zimbabwe.

Zero is a number too

"In the Bible, the New Testament often uses the analogy of a human body to illustrate the church. The illustration is that the body is composed of many members with many gifts and abilities and because of that we can achieve more," shared OMer Simon. "But you don’t hear the hands taking credit over the head or the head over the legs. Yet, in my discussions with my wife, I seem to forget this important lesson."