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A gift for Gift

Prompted by God, Gail (USA) took a wheelchair on outreach to Zambia, not knowing that she was an answer to fervent prayer.

A hopeful Gift

A Zambian missionary's story of hope, trust and perseverance after a tragic car accident in 2011 left him paralysed

A new way of thinking

OM Zambia Director Melvin Chiombe shares about his faith ministry of pioneering indigenous African missions.

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Answers for Kapembwa

With the fishing season going poorly in Kapembwa, Zambia, the people want to know why, and to find the answers, they’ve called in a witch doctor. 

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A pivotal moment

The second generation of village missionaries reach out to a new village along the shores of Lake Tanganyika.

'Ba Coach'

Kasama is known for sports and vulnerable kids; two subjects that OMer Noel is passionate about.

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BLOG: Be all there

After the glamour and glitz of moving wears off and the hype and excitement of living in a new country dies down, the realization of the magnitude of what just happened hits like a ton of bricks. In order to move forward, you have to acknowledge things are different than they once were. Life is different now, and you have to adjust accordingly. But that's hard.

BLOG: Cultural lenses

"We all look at the world with our different cultural lenses," said OMer Ivy. "However, I feel like I am the only one wearing yellow glasses among people wearing either green or red glasses.

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BLOG: When prayer is the only way to respond

OMer Rebecca shares about a situation in Zambia that made her uncomfortable, and then made her think. What can we do when the horrible situation in front of us seems impossible to change, and how can we have compassion for all of God's children?

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BLOG: When you're sick of the sun

It finally happened. After living in Africa for nearly two years I, Rebecca, am sick of the sun. Sitting in the sunshine, I've complied a list of things this Canadian girl misses about that wonderful, incredible, often-dreamt-of, wistfully-thought-of season: winter.

Building more than muscles

“I have always wanted to do more than coach specific sport skills,” Joseph said. “This approach touches all areas of fitness: physical, emotional and spiritual–all aspects of a human being.”

Bursting with life

God's vision is unfolding in Mkushi, Zambia as he makes his plans clear to a worker named Mary and blesses the work of the team.

Cheering for Jesus

OM Lake Tanganyika is using cheerleading as a way to reach out to African young women and girls.

Compost and dreams

AIDSLink is opening a new care centre in Zambia to teach people living with HIV and AIDS to care for themselves and others.

Created in the image of God

Two lifelong friends from the US bring a message of hope, friendship and a future to marginalised locals during OM Zambia’s first-ever wheelchair camp.

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David sends free Bibles

A man healed by God changes his family business to send free Bibles to anyone who needs one.

Developing 'Tabithas'

OM Zambia develops women through skills training in sewing, cooking, embroidery and more to bring change to communities.

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Discipleship leads to change

One young Zambian man’s life is transformed when he encounters Christ through an OM football team and a coach’s patient effort.

'Don’t give up on me'

It’s common for the OMers in Kapembwa to have people associated with witchcraft coming for deliverance, but Wilson wanted more than that.

Einander helfen

Vom täglichen Überlebenskampf zur Leitung der Weiterentwicklung ihrer Dorfgemeinschaft - die Teilnehmerinnen einer Selbsthilfegruppe im Dorf Katete in Sambia wurden verändert.

Fest und sicher

Tanganyikasee, Sambia :: Ein Team von der Logos Hope baut eine Mole für die Boote eines Hilfswerkes

Fishers of men

Working and living in fishing communities on Lake Tanganyika in Southern Africa, OM workers disciple locals in the ways of Christ.

Food for the body and soul

For the past five years OM Lake Tanganyika has visited the local police station providing for the physical and spiritual needs of those awaiting trial.

Going the distance

OM Zambia participates in Run4TheWorld for the fourth year, offering 35-km and 65-km cycling routes, in addition to the 10-km run.

Home of Hope

Construction has begun on the first Home of Hope building, a place for vulnerable children in Kasama.

Honest Boys: boys no longer

Five years ago, seven boys were chosen to be discipled as Honest Boys in Mpulungu, Zambia. They carry the values proudly in their adult lives.

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Hope shining through the darkness

“I love to be around the children. Through education, I want to see them have a good future and have the ability to support others,” said Mercy Mutale.

Hope Transformed

Hope and her family find help and healing at Bethesda Mercy Ministries

'I have been there'

How God changed the lives of each team member of OM in Kasama to bring hope to the vulnerable children.

It takes a village

OM parters with local church volunteers in Kasama to reach out to hundreds of vulnerable children.

Jesus likes the cinema too

“Seeing how these boys lived…put my own life into perspective,” said Anne Davidson, after spending time with youth living on the streets of Lusaka.

Just one ball

It's more than just a sport. OM is using football at Lake Tanganyika to train and empower young boys.

Lektion aus Sambia

Makalulu, Sambia :: Abi Thompson aus Großbritannien lernt unter Kindern in Sambia eine Lektion über Liebe

Lessons from Zambia

Makalulu, Zambia :: Abi Thompson (UK) learns a lesson in love for the children of Zambia

Manna for Makwati

The daily meals students receive at Makwati School help the kids learn and help the parents who cannot provide enough food for their families.

Marriage celebration

OM Zambia celebrates the marriage of a teacher from a community school in Kabwe, Zambia.

Marriage, fish and taboos

In Tongwa village husbands and wives don't know how to love each other. A young couple is working to change that.

Mehr als eine Mole

Tanganyikasee, Sambia :: Ein Team von der Logos Hope unterstützt eine andere Organisation, die mit Booten arbeitet

My Sister

The need for HIV education still exists.

New Pelican boat!

OM Lake Tanganyika gets a much needed boat for its ministry to villages along the lakeshore.

No longer vulnerable

From trying to survive each day to leading their community in bringing development, the members of a Self Help Group are being transformed drastically.

Not just a jetty

Lake Tanganyika, Zambia :: A Logos Hope team helps another water-based ministry

One in prayer

Students and staff of OM Zambia join local churches in prayer during the annual Global Day of Prayer.

Planting hope

The OM team in Kasama receives land from an area chief to start a farm that will provide food and financial stability for local ministries.

Positive testing

The Good News II School in Mpulungu, Zambia, decided to offer HIV testing to the students to encourage the children and their guardians to know their status as well as break down some of the stigma surrounding a positive status.

Taking the initiative

Tabitha Initiative in Kabwe, Zambia, gives business training and small loans to vulnerable women, empowering them to start sustainable businesses in their communities.

The headman's story

Dimas, the headman of a small village along the shores of Lake Tanganyika, shares about the challenges of being a headman and Christian.

The Pure Girls

The life of a girl in Mpulungu, Zambia, is not easy. But OM has found a way to share God’s love with these vulnerable girls.

'They now have hope'

Cecilia dreamt of being able to provide a safe place for at-risk girls. In January 2016 that dream was realised in Hope House.

To touch the 'untouchable'

"This story brings me back to my knees in prayer for God’s forgiveness and love," shared OMer Ivy. "My love is too limited and I need God to help me overcome the fear...I need to daily remind myself that love is the reason why I am here and it’s risky. I know there will be times when I want to run away and pray from a distance, but instead I need to run to God and ask for His power and love to fill me and help me reach out my hand to touch the 'untouchable.'"

Transforming teachers

Zambians are trained to become teachers that will transform students and entire communities for the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Two years but not too late

Construction begins for permanent Makwati School and church buildings. What began as a dream two years ago is starting to become reality.

When the sky falls in

For a young Zambian woman, learning that she was HIV positive was not the end, but a new beginning.

Why me?

How one man who is affected but not infected by HIV is helping his community.