A boost in self-esteem

Tema, Ghana :: A team of Logos Hope crew members help at an event for over a thousand rural school children.

“These kids have an inferiority complex, so this is more than just educational training; this is psychological,” explained Gideon Debrah, Executive Director of DestyKids Foundation. Crewmembers from Logos Hope were invited by the foundation to help with a feeding programme and event in Ghana’s Volta Region. When the team members arrived, they were surprised to see more than a thousand children gathered in anticipation of the afternoon's activities.

Many rural schools in Ghana have fewer resources than those in urban areas, such as access to computers and the internet. As a result, children in rural areas often grow up feeling inferior to those attending urban schools, and it is this mental state that DestyKids is trying to address.

“Did you hear the kids screaming and cheering when you arrived? If it was just us, they wouldn’t be doing that!” encouraged Gideon. As the crowd gathered around the team, crewmembers introduced themselves and showed the children where each of their countries is located on a map. They taught the children interactive songs and acted out stories with life lessons. Following the programme, the team helped distribute food to the children and donated 30 water purifiers to be used in rural schools. In addition, nearly one hundred pairs of ‘The Shoe that Grows’ were given to benefit local children.

In Gideon’s eyes, the donations and food are only one piece of the puzzle. His ultimate aim is to change the children’s perception of themselves and the attention paid to them by the Logos Hope team provides a huge boost. “You have no idea of the impact that your being here will have on these children. We will see immediate changes in them!” If people from all over the world treat them as valued, he knows the children will begin to see that they are in no way inferior to anyone else.


By Rebecca G