Lasting memories in young minds

Walvis Bay, Namibia :: Inspiring the next generation: Logos Hope’s volunteers bring knowledge, help and hope to children

Reaching out to young people is a key part of Logos Hope’s work, and is something her crewmembers are passionate about.

It may be the first time a child has been inside a ship. Meeting people from all over the world and hearing about the countries they visit is an inspirational experience.

“This is a big deal for these kids, so keep the magic alive. Don’t forget to give them a ‘high five’ when you pass them in the hallways,” Partner Ministries Director, Randy Grebe (USA) reminds the vessel’s volunteers.

Dozens of schools bring groups to tour the ship, follow an educational programme and browse the book fair. Teams also take the Logos Hope way of life ashore, where they speak in assemblies, help out at children’s homes and connect through sport.

Santiago Jimenez (Colombia) made friends with a local boy, Daniel, at a football match. Fascinated by the ship, the child came to Logos Hope with his family the following day. “It was really special that Daniel didn’t forget my name and came back because he was so interested”, Santiago smiles. 

“For you as a ship to come and visit these kids, that’s a huge social upliftment for them,” says Albertus Van Zyl, a board member at Walvis Bay Kids’ Haven. The home cares for abandoned babies and children who’ve been removed from their family situation.

“It’s an absolutely unbelievable opportunity that a ship of this magnitude, with so many people sharing a vision, comes to our country”, Albertus continues, “Namibia is small and Africa has poorer places than this, but you want to serve these people as we do.”

Contact will be made with upwards of fifteen thousand young people during Logos Hope’s two-week stay in Walvis Bay.


By OM International