Elder blessing

East London, South Africa :: A few crewmembers had a different Sunday as they visited residents in a home, and so did these precious senior citizens!

Leading a Sunday visit to a home for the elderly was an exciting prospect for Angie Unruh (Paraguay) as normal opportunities on the Lord's Day revolve around tried and true presentations of the Ship Ministry in a local church. For the residents of the home it was something out of the usual as well; not only with the visit of the Logos Hope team but they had enjoyed a special breakfast to make up for not being able to celebrate Christmas due to lack of funding at that time.

Lack of mobility also hinders the residents but that didn't stop OM South Africa's Reg Courtney from challenging them to continue working through prayer for others. After the programme was completed, the team distributed a daily devotional and other items to bless and encourage the residents in attendance.

Angie enjoyed the chance to then visit those who couldn't make it to the programme in their rooms. When she gave one lady the devotional book, she discovered the lady couldn't read. So she took the opportunity to read that day's devotion for the lady and explained the whole Gospel to her and prayed for her. As she reflected on this time, Angie shared "I pray that they will know that God is there even in their illnesses or struggles and that they will experience God's presence and comfort even when their families can't be with them."


By Flora Man