Connecting on board

East London, South Africa :: Connections are made not only between adults, but also between children, in onboard events on Logos Hope.

The Pastor’s Conference held onboard brought together nearly 100 church leaders coming from the city of East London as well as different townships, representing various denominations and races. The half-day event was packed with teachings and discussions, a fruitful time for participants. CEO of OM Ships International, Peter Nicoll (South Africa), shared a message on being submissive and obedient to God’s purposes and plans. “God may sometimes have radical plans for the church in order to mould it, we must not come in too quickly and be over-protective of ourselves or the church,” shared Peter, who encouraged the leaders to “cooperate with God as quickly as possible”. He also reminded that God’s work in them is not for themselves, but for the benefit of the world.

On another day, almost 400 children from twenty local schools attended the onboard school events. Crewmembers delighted the children with many performances like dances and dramas, and finally imparting the message that each of them are valuable and that God can use all they are for great purposes. The school children then went to the small theatre, located in the public deck after the book fair, where they were treated to another special performance – this time by Logos Hope’s very own ‘ship kids’! The children living on Logos Hope performed some songs and shared the ‘five gospel colours’ message with the local children. “Red is Jesus' blood, it washes away our sins,” shared three-year-old Harry Lee, one of the ‘ship kids’ on board. It was a very precious moment and reiterates the message of how God can use anyone, no matter how young.


By Flora Man