Breath of life

East London, South Africa :: Crewmembers take care of abandoned babies and learn the harsh truth behind each of them.

Years ago when a small hill of earth grabbed the attention of Elaine Brenkman, House Mother at a centre for abandoned babies, she dug through it and miraculously found a baby who was still fighting for its breath. Since that day, Elaine committed her life to supporting women dealing with crisis pregnancies and giving abandoned babies a new breath of life.

When a Logos Hope team visited the centre, they were thrilled to be able to spend the day with babies and take care of them. However, as Elaine retold the story behind each of the babies, crewmembers soon found themselves struggling with their emotions and the reality of the situation. Some of the babies had been physically abused the moment they were born and thrown away, others continue to struggle with the addiction of drugs due to drug-addicted parents. Their survival are all miracle stories and as Elaine affirms, "I believe God has an amazing purpose for their lives.” These are just few out of numerous stories that have come through the centre. Babies continue to be abandoned daily in dumpsters, dustbins, and drains or given up at birth.

The team helped out at the centre by feeding, bathing and playing with the babies. It is the prayer of Elaine that each of them will be returned to their biological family if someone in the family is suitable to care for them, or they will be adopted into loving families. It is the prayer, too, of crewmembers that each of these babies will be able to break the chain of evil and be the change in their generation.


By Flora Man