Bridges of the Gospel

Richards Bay, South Africa :: 18 crewmembers with many different skills showed up to be bridges of the Gospel.

In everything that Logos Hope crewmembers strive to do, it is with the purpose to use it as a bridge to share the Gospel with others. In an outreach to a local village, the Help Ministries department organised a team comprising of 18 crewmembers to provide a wide range of services including dental checks, hygiene education, HIV and AIDS education, eyeglass testing, and construction of a 'jungle gym' and library. In addition, five water purifiers, two water pumps and more than a hundred books were donated to an orphanage there.

“This is one of the biggest ministry teams I have organised, involving so many different skills,” shared Dirk Kooij (Netherlands), part of the Help Ministries team who started planning for the day weeks before arrival in Richards Bay. “I’m thankful that there is so much passion from crewmembers to help and they bring with them diverse skills. What’s left for me to do is to put the right people in the right places to make the most of it.”

The crewmembers worked together in unity, and blessed more than 100 villagers in multiple ways over the course of the day. More importantly, the team used creative ways to bridge the Gospel. One team member, Mirte Jorine ter Wal (Netherlands), who gave hygiene training, used hand-washing as an analogy of how God can wash away one’s sins completely. “If we don’t wash our hands properly with soap, dirt gets stuck between our fingers and under our fingernails,” shared Mirte to the crowd. “Similarly, if we don’t ask the right person to wash away our sins, we might look clean on the outside, but we continue to be ‘dirty’ inside.”


By Flora Man