Not just a jetty

Lake Tanganyika, Zambia :: A Logos Hope team helps another water-based ministry

Lake Tanganyika, the second largest freshwater lake in the world, is surrounded by Tanzania, Congo, Zambia and Burundi. Daily life for those living on its shores is focused on the water as locals rely on boats for food, income and transportation. Similarly, the OM Lake Tanganyika team relies on boats for their service and outreach to villages along the shoreline. A Logos Hope team has been serving alongside this other water-based ministry during the ship's dry dock and they helped begin building a much-needed jetty for their floating 'church'.

The OM Lake Tanganyika team has a training centre located in the Nsumbu area on the lake and travel between that centre and the main base of operation takes six hours by boat. The centre is located up a steep hill from the waterline so the team has to unload supplies at the ferry jetty which adds another 40 minutes of walking!

Leaving the boat at the ferry jetty has also proven to be risky. “One of our boats was stolen, but by God’s grace we found it in another village and they returned it,” explained Charles Chansa, one of the OM Lake Tanganyika workers. “With a proper jetty next to our centre, our boats and engines can be more secure.”  

Without tools, the Logos Hope team experienced the hard work this requires after locals showed them where to find big rocks. Then, everyone worked together to move the rocks into place. Within two days the foundation of the jetty was made. “It was nice to see the progress and the difference we made,” said Miguel Amaro (Brazil) as the team was able to get into the boat from the rocks the next day.

Further work is still needed and the team is trusting God to provide $6,000 USD to complete the work on the jetty. Donations can be made for the OM Lake Tanganyika Nsumbu Building Project through your local OM office.


By OM International