A double dose of hope

Durban, South Africa :: Logos Hope is helping promote The Bible App for Kids in South Africa with OneHope

Logos Hope is providing the launch platform for a South African promotional campaign of a Bible resource for children: a free smartphone application called The Bible App for Kids. Developed by OneHope, in partnership with YouVersion, this app has over 10 million downloads worldwide.

The man in charge of OneHope in Southern Africa is no stranger to the Ship Ministry. "I served for over seven years with OM Ships, so I know it's a huge attraction," says Brian Esterhuizen (South Africa). "The ship is like a magnet for children and families, who are so excited to come on board. I love the fact that they get exposed to the Gospel during their visit and, as they leave, every child receives something in their hands that they can take home, which has the potential to impact their lives."

For the Logos Hope tour of South Africa, OneHope is providing 100,000 copies of The Bible App for Kids Book of Hope (a 32-page Gospel presentation for kids based on the app). Around 40,000 copies were already put into children's hands in Durban, so additional supplies will need to be considered in order to meet the demand for the next four ports. "It's a good problem to have!" Brian laughs.

"The Bible App for Kids is such an amazing Gospel tool," he continues. "It helps that more and more people have access to smartphones, even in Africa. We also offer free parent resources that can be downloaded from the website to help guide children through the Bible stories - so it reaches further into families."

Find out more about OneHope on their website: http://onehope.net and check out The Bible App for Kids at: https://bibleappforkids.com/


By OM International