Deeper into Durban (Part 2)

Durban, South Africa :: Logos Hope teams are getting to know the real Durban.

As crewmembers continue to understand the struggles and needs of people in Durban, another Logos Hope team visited several homeless shelters and were disheartened by the conditions there. Staying a night at a shelter costs approximately 30 South African Rands (2 USD), but that doesn't necessarily guarantee a comfortable environment to rest in.

“Remove your necklaces and keep close to us,” the team was warned by Loretta, a local woman who ministers to people staying at the shelters.

One, which Loretta said was situated in the “worst part of town”, contained rows of bunk beds with old mattresses infested with lice and dust mites. There was a smell which indicated drugs were being smoked. Men who were drunk, women who worked as prostitutes and young children shared the same living space. Some of the occupants had ended up there because they had a history of crime, while others had little education or opportunity, and had been caught in a downward spiral of hopelessness.

Some crewmembers managed to have good conversations with those staying at the shelters, sharing the hope of God with them. Others found it a challenge to make sense of the situation, which weighed heavily on their hearts. The team was encouraged that local churches were ministering and delivering hot food to the shelters. “God is not an immediate solution to their problems, but having the hope of God will help them get through this,” said Michael Radloff (France).


By Flora Man