Deeper into Durban (Part 1)

Durban, South Africa :: Logos Hope teams are getting to know the real Durban – uncovering the realities hidden behind the skyline of a modern city.

It wasn’t too long ago when South Africa was still struggling against apartheid, a system of racial segregation. Up until 1994, the racial groups including the “white”, “black”, “Indian” and “coloured” lived in their separate townships and were not allowed to cross over to another’s territory. Although the segregated neighbourhoods are no longer, the effects of apartheid still remain.

A Logos Hope team drove through a previously “white” township where there were big houses with swimming pools, into a previously “black” township where the landscape was noticeably changed. The team arrived at Kwadebeka Baptist Church and spent the afternoon connecting with youths through basketball and sharing. “Here in the inner city, these youths suffer from fatherlessness, peer pressure and other family struggles,” shared Loongelo, youth leader of the church, who experienced being pulled back by his peers when he tried to improve his life. “It takes a lot of discipline to stay away from vices and attempting crimes.”

Through sports and youth meetings, these youths make a decision to come to church twice a week and learn about God. Crewmembers had a good exchange with the youths, with conversations leading to some youths praying about the decision to accept Christ. “God loves us so much and He watches over us,” shared team leader, Mike Ngwaru (Zimbabwe), who met a youth with a similar background as him – a “black” who studied in a “white”-dominated school and struggling with teasing and judgements. “Because of this love, we need to love one another too and spread this love as we go out.”


By Flora Man