Hands that talk

Maputo, Mozambique :: Logos Hope helps deaf students who have little or no opportunity to receive education.

Logos Hope teams have been visiting ‘Hands that Talk’, a charity deaf school that provides free education for the deaf who otherwise, have little or no opportunity to attend school. Other than helping with construction of the school’s infrastructure, Logos Hope also donated sewing machines and held classes to introduce new sewing ideas to the students.

Sonia Madder (Brazil), who acted as a translator for the team, shared that the school has been hoping for new machines for many years as the old ones were wearing down. “You could see the tears of joy on their faces when the new machines arrived,” recalled Sonia. “Logos Hope’s help has made such a huge impact on them.” The school now has ten brand new sewing machines including an industrial one and a serger, a machine that sews over the edge of cloths.  

Another crewmember, Laura Rawson (UK), who leads the 'craft passion group' on board, did a lot of planning beforehand and even created customized sewing tutorials to lead the class. “The markets here are saturated with very similar things, so my idea was to challenge these students to think out of the box and create something different from the norm,” explained Laura, who taught them how to make book covers and reusable shopping bags. She also pointed out that because these students didn’t have a chance to receive any education, they had difficulty with mathematics when it came to measurements. Despite this, all of them managed to make two new items each in that afternoon. With the new machines and knowledge, it is hoped that these students will be able to make a living for themselves and provide for their families.


By Flora Man