Unceasing prayer, heavens opened

Maputo, Mozambique :: 200 local Christians join an all-night prayer gathering on board Logos Hope.

"There has never been a spiritual awakening in any country or locality that did not begin in united prayer." A. T Pierson


Two hundred pastors and members of various churches came together as a united body to pray from eight in the evening until dawn the next day, at a special event on board Logos Hope. As well as prayer, local Bible teachers and leaders from the ship shared messages, and choirs added to the atmosphere of worship.

The participants prayed fervently, with the anticipation of seeing their situations changed. “The churches in Africa still believe in the simple things: they believe in prayer, in miracles, in healing and in the Holy Spirit,” observed one member of the ship's advance preparation team, Mareike Fritschen (Germany). “These things have got lost along the way in some other countries.”

Planning the marathon event had taken a lot of effort from Michael Radloff (France) and a team of people from various ship departments. They witnessed how God guided and paved the way for a fruitful gathering. “Sometimes self-doubt weighs us down, but the passion to make things happen can help us achieve more than we can imagine,” Mareike affirmed.

The ship's community also joined in prayer for rain to fall on the wider region, which had been experiencing serious drought for seven years. Within a few days, the heavens opened and showered the parched land - replenishing water supplies and refreshing faith in the God who answers prayer.


By Flora Man