Messengers of Good News

Maputo, Mozambique :: A Logos Hope team visits a poor village and joins in the local church to share the Good News.

Crewmember, Anne Henssler (Germany), woke up early on the morning of her ministry day and started to pray. The team she was part of would be going into a local village and sharing the Good News with people. This was not something she was either confident or comfortable doing.

The team arrived to a poor village with no proper roads, a noisy market, rickety houses and men drinking liquor in the middle of the day. One team member’s bag had been slashed open with a knife by a robber. Thankfully, nothing was lost. Amidst the chaos, Anne braced herself for an afternoon of talking with strangers. While talking with a woman, she was challenged with the question: “Why are you telling me about this hope in life? Why don’t you give me food instead?” Anne, who would usually have shrunk in confidence, found that she was surprisingly unafraid and continued to speak up courageously about her faith. “I’m sure the prayers helped me to be brave,” shared Anne.

Another team member, Gabi Camargo (Brazil), enjoyed many good conversations with locals due to her fluency in Portuguese. Her conversation with a homeless woman and her child gathered a curious crowd, creating a great opportunity to invite people to the church. “I was surprised when even the men who were drinking respected me enough to listen to what I had to share,” said Gabi. “I want to make full use of the opportunities given because I can speak the local language.”


By Flora Man