Books and water

Maputo, Mozambique :: Minister of Culture and Tourism in Mozambique reasons that books and water can mix!

“Books and water don’t mix, it’s impossible for them to share the same space,” said Guest of Honour, His Excellency Mr. Silva Armando Dunduro, Minister of Culture and Tourism of Mozambique. “However, Logos Hope has contradicted this theory with a floating bookfair!” The witty line generated laughter from the audience during the official opening of Logos Hope on Thursday.

Crewmembers were encouraged by the good turn-out at the opening ceremony, with guests including ambassadors of Angola, Mauritius, Italy and many others. The minister’s speech affirmed that the priority in the country is education and human development. “To ensure this priority is to bring knowledge,” emphasized Mr. Silva Dunduro, who also enjoyed a tour through the 'Journey of Life' mural display which tells of the story of a lost son. He encouraged the floating book fair and its crewmembers on the significance of spreading knowledge, especially for the younger generation. This is also a main people group that Logos Hope would like to reach out to in Maputo, Mozambique. Many activities that have been planned are primarily focused on children and youths. Matty Dornan (N. Ireland), who is part of the advance preparation team for this port, shared that he hopes to see the youths empowered and rising up to spread the hope in the country. “The ship’s ministry has a long-lasting effect on people. I pray that this visit will help people catch the vision of our purpose in life and to continue serving others even after the ship leaves,” said Matty.


By Flora Man