Facing the ‘giants’

Toamasina, Madagascar :: Logos Hope crewmembers overcome their ‘giants’ during the one-week challenge team in Madagascar.

For the Logos Hope challenge team in Madagascar, one of the biggest ‘giants’ they faced was fatigue. After traveling for eight hours to the capital, Antananarivo, days of back-to-back presentations were lined up ahead of them in schools, mega churches reaching a thousand people, orphanages, outreach events, and more. On one of the days, the team had to travel to six different schools to do programmes. One of the team members, Jordan Anderson (Canada), even joked that his highlight was performing the same children’s drama six times in a day. Despite the hectic schedule, team leader, Shura Facanha (Ecuador) who was worried about the team’s energy level, shared that the team continued to carry out every presentation with joy and passion.

Another ‘giant’ was the initial lack of confidence. Jordan admitted that he felt uncomfortable with speaking to a large number of people and didn’t have confidence sharing with people he doesn’t know. “I dislike presentations but the challenge team turned out to be all about presentations,” laughed Jordan. “I learnt to trust in God and He would lead me. It was worth every effort seeing that the people were so happy.” Another team member, Theresa Baird (Canada), was given an opportunity to share a message to a big crowd for the first time. She revealed that she had felt inadequate during the challenge team due to her lack of experience in ministry. “The lack of self-confidence was crippling when I kept thinking about it,” shared Theresa, who later realized she was putting too much pressure on herself. “I was nervous while sharing the message but I could really grow from the experience and am thankful for it.”


By Flora Man