Hope to Androy

Toamasina, Madagascar :: Villagers from the south of Madagascar travelled three full days to Logos Hope to raise awareness of their situation and mobilise people to serve in their area.

Imagine traveling three full days on extremely bumpy roads in an old rickety bus. It is definitely not an enjoyable experience. However, for a group of 20 villagers coming from Androy, the most southerly region of Madagascar, the three-day trip to arrive at Logos Hope was well worth the drive. Despite the exhausting journey, the villagers performed enthusiastically at the event named ‘Hope to Androy’. The event was meant to increase the awareness of the needs in their region where they face serious difficulties as a result of drought and famine. Due to inadequate water and a large population, Androy is one of the poorest regions in the country and suffers from chronic food inadequacy.

The event was also aimed to mobilise people in Toamasina to see the south as an area to serve and spread God’s love. One of the villagers shared how he used to be addicted to alcohol. “My parents were completely broke and discouraged,” he said. “After I was severely injured in a fight, they were just waiting for me to die.” By God’s grace, he was invited to church and that changed his life entirely. He grew from a man who was weak and fragile in his body and mind to a strong disciple. As he danced passionately and with all his might during the performance, crewmembers felt his pure joy that comes from God.

Pray for strength and resilience in the communities of Androy to overcome difficulties and for help to bring God’s love to more people in the region.


By Flora Man