Healing with Hope

Toamasina, Madagascar :: Logos Hope teams visit the world's largest civilian hospital ship and shared a word of encouragement with patients.

Logos Hope teams had unique opportunities to work with the world’s largest civilian hospital ship, Africa Mercy of Mercy Ships, during the time in Madagascar. With most of the wards being located at the lower decks of the ship, patients go out onto the upper deck for an hour daily to get some fresh air. Crewmembers were able to prepare some programmes and share that hour meaningfully with them, giving a word of encouragement in their situations.

The need for medical help is compelling with nearly 50% of the people having no access to a hospital or doctor. When the team visited, they met patients who have received or will be receiving treatment for their conditions including craniofacial tumours, women’s health issues, fractures, and many others. William Ngoo (Singapore) shared a message with them from Joshua 4:9, reminding them of the promises of God and the wonders that God has done and is still doing today. “Therefore, do not despair in the midst of your situations or uncertainties,” said William. “You can always trust in Jesus to find your hope.”

Later in the week, crewmembers were also invited to a ‘dressing ceremony’ organised by the hospital ship where female patients, cured of their illnesses, celebrate the start of their ‘new life’. Each woman receives a new dress and accessories, a Bible and other wellness products to remind them that they are beautiful and precious in God’s eyes. “I have been waiting for 21 years for a day like this,” cried one of the recovered women during the ceremony. “I never imagined I could receive healing but in God, everything is possible!”


By Flora Man