Toamasina, Madagascar :: Crewmembers go hut to hut in a rural village area to care and pray for villagers.

A 2.5 hours bumpy car drive brought a Logos Hope team into a rural village area where there is nothing but straw huts and a school building. Together with Victory Family Centre, a local church that organises regular visits to the village, crewmembers had the opportunity to immerse in a true African village experience and understand the needs of the people.  

Despite not having much to live with, the villagers displayed a positive and cheerful spirit that surprised the crewmembers. The villagers were happy to welcome people into their humble abode that comprised of only a small table and bed. It was a bedroom, living room and kitchen all in a tiny space. Through the help of a translator, crewmembers could share about what they do, encourage the villagers, give out biblical reading materials and pray over their families. “Thank you so much for coming all the way to visit us,” expressed one villager. “May God bless many others through you.”

After the visitations, the team organised a programme for all the villagers at the local school. Through Bible stories and testimonies, crewmembers and the villagers enjoyed an afternoon of fellowship. When Sveta (Central Asia) re-enacted the story of Noah and his ark, even the older villagers joined in to act as animals and had a great laugh over it! In the following days, other Logos Hope teams will visit again and even carry out eye-testing for the villagers, to provide good reading glasses. Every opportunity to bless the villagers is worth travelling the extra mile.


By Flora Man