Spicing up Connect days

Toamasina, Madagascar :: Dan and Suzie Potter (USA), popularly known as the ‘Duzies’, conducts a workshop on board on connecting with people through creative ways.

Crewmembers were blessed to have Dan and Suzie Potter (USA) on board to equip them with creative ways to spice up their Connect days (C-days) – a day in the week to allow crewmembers to either go onshore or to the public deck of Logos Hope to connect with people personally and ultimately, to connect them to God.  

Known as the ‘Duzies’, the duo have been inspiring people for almost 30 years in their training conferences and teen events around the world. During the workshop, they taught crewmembers how to make use of seemingly regular personal items, like a hat or a mug, to connect with people and share the hope of God. They also taught simple tricks using ropes that are effective in drawing people’s attention and illustrating a story. “You should never go where you have a potential opportunity to connect with people and have nothing in your pockets!” advised Suzie.

Crewmembers found the workshop very practical and helpful. “It provided me with new perspectives on how to make my C-days different and move away from the unoriginal ways,” reflected David Houser (USA). Another crewmember, Cassidy (North Asia), shared that she can’t wait to make use of the tools she has learnt to share about her testimony, the ship and most importantly, about God in her upcoming C-day. “It’s not just about doing programmes, but it’s about connecting with people after the programmes,” she said.


By Flora Man