Finding the answers

In a university Discovery Bible Study run by OM Madagascar, a student finds the answers he is looking for in the Bible.

Djohar* is a student at a university in Antananarivo, the capital of Madagascar.

Coming from a Muslim family, Djohar lives with his brother and cousin near the university. His parents live in Comoros, a small island country to the north of Madagascar.

Djohar began attending the Discovery Bible Study when it first started February 2015. The Bible study, run by OM Madagascar, meets every week at the university. Originally 13 students have been interested in studying the Bible, but since Ramadan only three have come every week.

Beginning in Genesis, they studied creation and then followed the path of prophets from Adam to Jesus. During this time Djohar concluded that Jesus was sacrificed by God to save the world, and the message touched his heart. He had many questions and found no answers in the Qur’an, so he started reading the Bible. That is where he found answers.

One week the group was studying Proverbs 8. During the meeting Djohar said that God knocked on his heart, and he wanted to repent of his sins. The team led him in a prayer of repentance.

At this same time, a Malagasy student asked about the meaning of repentance, and it was Djohar who explained the significance of repentance in the Bible. The student decided to accept Christ as well.

“For me, this story is very amazing,” said Noro*, who leads the Bible study. “I thank God that He is a God of love who is never wrong. If He says that He loves the world, He loves it, and it is really true.

“I hope to see many Comorians decide to follow Jesus through Djohar, because He is an instrument of God to the Muslim people.”

Praise God for Djohar’s new life in Christ. Pray that other students like him would discover that God sacrificed Jesus to reconcile sinners to Himself.

*Name changed


By Rebecca Rempel