A Spirit-led Scavenger Hunt

Chanri Odendaal, leader of the GO Challenge, testifies how God lead the team to the venue He already had in mind for the event.

The GO Challenge is an initiative of OM South Africa, committed to mobilising churches and believers from all walks of life to go out and share the love of Christ. Through a four day conference, the aim is to equip the attendees with the right tools in order to reach out cross-culturally and in their own communities. The conference is followed by a seven day outreach in which they have a chance to test out these skills and experience what it’s really like to go and make disciples of all nations.  The 2015 GO Challenge will take place in Cape Town and 350 – 500 people are anticipated to participate. For the team organising the event, one of their biggest challenges was finding the right venue which could accommodate such a large number of people. Chanri Odendaal, leader of the GO Challenge, testifies how God lead the team to the venue He already had in mind for the event. They prayed that God would show them which venue He wanted them to use for the conference. “As we kept praying over a period of time, God gave us some clues and guidelines. It almost seemed like a scavenger hunt.” Chanri explaines.

The first thing they felt God told them was that they would experience God’s footsteps at the venue. This was followed by a scripture from Psalm 23:2 “He makes me lie down in green pastures, He leads me beside quiet waters.” The team believed that through this verse God was telling them that the venue would have to be spiritually quiet and prepared so that when the training was completed, the attendees would be able to go into the battlefield, spiritually prepared. The Lord continued to guide the team and during one of their morning devotions, He gave them another passage in Acts 5:12 “The apostles performed many signs and wonders among the people. And all the believers used to meet together in Solomon’s Colonnade.” After recognising the GO Challenge in the first part of this verse, the team felt curious as to what Solomon’s Colonnade looked like and found pictures on the internet. At this point none of the possible venues had colonnades.

About two hours later one of the team members took the rest of the team to see the Global School of Theology, a venue he only thought of the previous night. As they entered the school they were overwhelmed as they found all the different guidelines and clues God gave them. They felt confident that this place was indeed spiritually prepared and discovered God’s footprints all over the venue as they walked around noticing all the Bible verses on the walls. But they were most overwhelmed when they realised that the venue had many small colonnades attached to each other. “There was a moment when our team just stood there amazed at how God had led us, using such detailed guidelines to this particular venue” Chanri said.

For Chanri and the team there were just too many coincidences with so much detail, that the fact that God was answering their prayers could not be ignored. They believe that God showed them the venue He had in store for the conference and expect that God would work in miraculous ways during the 2015 GO Challenge.


By OM International