Even when you’re tired, God works

God sustained MDT participant David, who found it difficult co-leading his short-term outreach when he wasn't doing so well himself.

The Missions Discipleship Training (MDT) in South Africa is a full programme, with a time span of almost six months. During this time, trainees attend lectures, do practical work, acquire practical skills and learn about community living. Part of the training is going on three to four short-term outreaches, which are all completely different from each other.

One of these outreaches is the World Faiths Outreach, in which participants get go to a local community and reach out to people of other faiths. For the second team of 2014, this outreach was scheduled for December. As it was their last outreach for the training, many of the trainees already felt tired from their busy time in South Africa.

David Houser from the USA, who was appointed co-leader for this outreach, was struggling to stay focused on helping others when he wasn’t doing so well himself. He was faced with the challenge of renewing his passport and preparing for his next step. To crown it all, he was pick-pocketed during the outreach and lost his phone.

One morning, David felt like it all became too much for him. He asked a lot of people to pray for him and, during his devotions, felt that he should just cling to God. Despite not feeling like doing devotions the next morning, he felt strongly that he could not miss it.

The message he received from it was clear: “If you walk with Jesus, He will walk through all of life’s circumstances with you. To focus on Jesus instead of focusing on the circumstances, especially when the storms hit, is the most important thing you can do.”

After finishing his devotion, David felt the Holy Spirit invite him for a walk. So he walked around the school where they were staying, just talking and praying and listening. He experienced so much joy that he could literally not stop smiling, because despite all the things he needed to take care of, Jesus was taking care of him.

“MDT will stretch and grow you in multiple ways, but it pushes you to your limits in a good way,” David explains.

During his time with God, the Lord confirmed that David only needed to walk with Him and surrender all his burdens and worries to Him. David concluded that God is able to do immeasurably more than all we can ask or even imagine.


By OM International