Found in translation

During an outreach in the Lake Volta region of northern Ghana, Harun* gave his life to Jesus while he was translating for the OM team.

In the north of Ghana is Lake Volta, the largest man-made lake in the world. That region is informally called “overseas” by Ghanaians, because during the rainy season it floods, forcing the 45 villages and communities that normally live there to relocate beyond the water borders, and it’s as difficult to go there as to travel beyond the ocean.

In Kikaayili, one of the villages that are predominantly Muslim, there used to be a Christian church, but it fell apart due to the lack of leaders and all of its members converting to Islam. There had been a lot of pressure on people to convert, the community denying Christians the opportunity to celebrate their children's births, their weddings and their funerals, the key social celebrations for this community.

Chris Insaidoo, who leads the work in Ghana, and his team went “overseas” to Kikaayili as part of one of their campaigns called “Hope Visits” to share Jesus with people that didn’t have a Christian witness or that had lost their Christian faith. Chris knew about the church that used to be in that area and looked for any remaining Christians, unable to find even one. 

As people in the region speak only Mampruli and neither Chris nor any of his team members speak that language, they needed interpreters to reach out to the community. All the available ones refused to help except for a man named Harun*. As the team shared with people, 35 adults came to surrender their lives to Jesus.

The next day, Harun told Chris and his team that he had been touched by the message during the previous night. He reflected that he was helping them preach God’s message for his people, who had embraced it, and he wondered why he hadn’t been doing the same. Harun then gave his life back to Jesus, and Chris began to walk a road of discipleship with him.

When the team was preparing to leave, they looked for a leader for this new church and didn’t find anyone. They asked Harun if he would be willing to lead this congregation, and he very eagerly accepted.

Please pray for Harun and his new congregation. Also pray for Chris and the OM Ghana team as they carry the Gospel to the lost. And pray that other interpreters will believe in the Truth, that they will find Jesus "in translation," as well.

*Name changed


By OM International