An answered prayer

Pretoria, South Africa :: The help of a Logos Hope Outbound team brings relief.

Cooking meals, making coffee and selling books: these are the new jobs for the Logos Hope crewmembers serving in South Africa at The Link, OM's office and ministry centre in Pretoria. While these tasks don't sound like traditional ministry, every meal and coffee served and each book provided comes with love and a big smile on their faces which is a real testimony to the visitors. However, the team's presence and help is achieving much more than that. 
The team is an answer to the prayers of the staff at The Link. Before the team came, Louri and Karin Snyders, the couple in charge of the coffee shop, had to do all these tasks themselves. Karin is in need of special medical care, but with all of these responsibilities, they didn't have time for the operation. So they prayed for a way to share the load and make space for the operation. With the help from the Logos Hope Outbound team, they now have that time and space. Karin will finally have her operation in November, and the time she needs to recover!


By OM International