Discipling boys through sport

OM SportsLink ministers to young boys in Mamelodi, the largest township of Pretoria, South Africa, every Friday.

OM SportsLink ministers to boys in Mamelodi, the largest township of Pretoria, South Africa, through their Boys’ Discipleship Programme every Friday at the OM AIDS Hope base.  

Up to 25 boys attend the programme every week since its start over three years ago. The boys participate in small groups, hear a message and then play football.

The team is passionate about these boys, as they need role models, leadership skills and life lessons. Many of them do not have a father or other male figure in their lives.

“We can now love each other and stop fighting,” the boys said on one occasion when asked what they have learnt from the devotions.

Even though the SportsLink team personnel changes every three to six months, the boys remain open, though it can take a while to build new relationships. A local pastor and the AIDS Hope team have partnered with the SportsLink team to coach and mentor the boys.

“Being able to work in an area like Mamelodi is rewarding,” said one SportsLink member. “Just seeing a smile on one of the kids’ faces can make your day.”

To see this ministry up and running every day by the grace of God is a blessing for the team, as they believe God is the glue that holds the boys in place and helps the team to work well. 

The team seeks God’s help with meeting the physical, spiritual and emotional needs of these boys, and they hope and pray the boys will grow up to make a difference in their community.

For information about opportunities to serve with OM SportsLink or OM AIDS Hope in South Africa, visit OM’s website here.


By OM International