Transforming lives in Mozambique

God is working to transform lives in Mozambique through the efforts of the local OM team.

What is the very first picture that comes to mind when you think about Africa? For most people it would be something like grass huts surrounded by lions, giraffes, elephants and all the other traditional wildlife associated with this continent.

Even though that’s not always the case, for many people such as Antonio Nipueda, living side to side with savage animals is still a daily reality. One day on his way from Mocuba to Mecula in Mozambique, he crashed into a lion with his Land Cruiser. Unharmed, he was able to continue his journey as this was just another hectic day in his life facing all sorts of human and natural challenges. 

Antonio single-handedly runs a discipleship school in Mocuba and ministries in Mecula. He has had helping hands here and there, but remains alone with his family to carry on with his good work. He took 30 disciples to Mecula to bring food and clothes to people in need, and to share some of the precious water from their well with neighbors whose well had totally dried up.  

Church donations of clothes, resources and volunteers have helped him so far and now he has started a project of building houses for people in need in Mecula. He and his team, with the help of three foreign workers, built two houses in six days! He strives for “education for transformation,” starting with the Discipleship School in Mocuba. 

The communities they reach out to are very poor, neglected and exposed to the elements and wildlife of the area; many of them have seen their crops trampled upon by elephants or eaten by baboons. The risk of being eaten by lions is very present for them on a daily basis, if they go even a little further than the most populated areas. 

Despite all of that, God uses Antonio where he is and beyond, as he prays and works. Recently while people where attending a funeral procession, they saw what his team was doing, building houses and giving out clothes and sharing their water with the thirsty. That touched them so much that at the end three people came to Antonio and committed their lives to follow Jesus.

On another occasion he met a lady called Sama in Nampula who had become totally paralysed because of the influences of darkness in that region through the “sangomas.”* She could not even speak.

He took her to his discipleship training in Mocuba for several months. There he and his team fed her and cared for her. When she went back home, more than 500 kilometers from where she was prayed for, she was suddenly completely healed! Now she can walk, she can wave her arms and sing praises to her Lord Jesus at the church she attends. She’s even got a good job working with her own hands.

Antonio wants to continue God’s work. To do this he needs more hands and a big truck, one with three to four tons capacity, to carry all the building material. This will help him continue building not only houses, but also God’s kingdom on earth through prayers and good works.

* traditional healer or witch-doctor.


By OM International