Standing on the Father's Rock

Young men from African nations find their identity and destiny through hiking in Namibia with the Wilderness Therapy Programme.

Everyone standing by the cliff held their breath as Nkiami*stumbled over a large, square rock. He nearly toppled over but managed to stay upright. His companion extended a hand to him as if to say, “I’m here for you. Hold on to me. Let’s finish this journey together!” 

Eight young men from Angola, Namibia and Nigeria hiked from 6-15 June in the Gaub area of southwest Namibia as part of the Wilderness Therapy Programme.

OM worker Japie Van Vuuren led the group in this physical and spiritual challenge, which helps participants find their true identity and destiny, while breaking cycles of lies in their lives and providing an opportunity to receive healing.

The programme starts with an eight-day hike, during which trainees receive daily teachings. While hiking, they reflect on what they’ve heard, and around the fire in the evenings, they share how they will implement what they have learnt in their lives.

The hike is followed by a year-long mentoring programme, during which participants meet weekly with a mentor at school.

The boys were identified by their school as potential leaders and thus selected for the programme. Most come from difficult backgrounds, and all come from nations in which many men share the common problems of promiscuity, mistreatment of women and irresponsibility. These issues stem from various social causes, such as lack of jobs, a violent society and the general sinfulness of man.

After facing lies that had created many stumbling blocks in his life, participant Nkiami*, from Angola, said, “I want to break the cycle of a fatherless nation!”

“We believe this programme gives [the trainees] an opportunity to change their lifestyle,” said an OM Namibia team member. “It’s not only good for themselves but also makes an impact in the community.”

Please pray for these young men and the Wilderness Therapy Programme. Pray that these teenagers will become godly men who will realise their full identity in Christ and reflect Him in their communities.

*Name changed


By OM International