Three days, two ladies, one question

The Africa Trek ladies connect with local ladies in a village, who want to know more about Christ after watching the Jesus film.

Thirteen participants taking part in the OM Africa Trek – which provides exposure to what God is doing in Africa through personal discipleship and ministry around Southern Africa visited Chisope village, in Malawi, to minister to people.

While there, Lieze*, from South Africa, and other team members talked with local ladies, who wanted to know why they were visiting the community. That was on the first afternoon.

On the second afternoon, Lieze and a couple other ladies from the Africa Trek team went back to visit the same women. They shared from the Bible with the women.

On the third afternoon, the local ladies approached them again, wanting to hear more.

That evening, the team showed the Jesus film to the community. Afterward, one lady asked, “How do I become a Christian?”

They shared with the people, and a couple of the ladies repented from their sins and accepted Jesus as their Lord and Saviour.

The workers knew, though, that many of the ladies could be discouraged by their husbands when they went home, because their husbands might ask them to renounce their new beliefs. Nevertheless, two of the ladies attended church the following Sunday with the good news that their husbands had released them to join!

The local pastor will disciple them in their new faith.

Most of the time, sharing Jesus with people may be not as easy as one, two, three, but workers know that the Lord draws people to Himself. Praise God for these new lives in Christ. Pray for wisdom for the local pastor as he disciples the ladies in their faith.

*Last name not included for security reasons


By OM International