Minas for the unreached

Africa Trek Coordinator Eduard* reflects on God's gifts: his life, his wife and 13 participants sharing the Gospel with Topnaar and Himba peoples in Namibia.

“God has given us many ‘minas’ (a biblical unit of weight and currency). Every ‘mina’ we receive is an opportunity to express our love to the Lord and also a heart’s test,” reflects Eduard, the African Trek coordinator, on Jesus’ parable in Luke 19:11-27.

“My ‘minas’ are my life, my wife, Hannah, the resources He has entrusted to us to do His work, and these 13 trainees to invest our lives in that He has placed into our care to love, nurture and disciple for the next couple of months.”

Eduard and Hannah, accompanied by other leaders, have led several OM Africa Treks since 2011, taking young adults from different countries on trips around Southern and East Africa to expose them to what God is doing in Africa by combining mission opportunities and personal discipleship.

This time, on the first trek of 2014, the 13 trainees passed through Namibia, where they helped local ministries and ministered to some of the unreached tribes with the Gospel.

Participants stayed at the home of local missionaries Gertrude* and Martin*, while they spent time among an unreached group called the Topnaars. The team showed the JESUS film in the people’s native tribal language.

The team did the same among Himba and Herero peoples. They prayed for people afterwards, and some of them reported being healed!

For many of the local people, it was their first time learning about Jesus. Most of the people where touched by God, as the Trek team spent time with them and shared Jesus’ love, using the minas He has given them. 

*Last name not included for security reasons


By OM International