Perline of great price

Since joining OM’s Namana Project, one couple has developed a successful business, built their own home and can give their children an education.

A woman named Perline joined OM Madagascar’s Namana Project group in her church in 2012, right after the programme began, and it's transformed her and her family's lives.

“Namana” means “friend” in Malagasy, and the group is a gospel-centred community development project that aims to help underprivileged women, not only by giving them eternal hope in Christ, but by coming alongside them in everyday life and helping them provide for their families.

According to OM Madagascar, thousands of people are migrating from rural areas to the cities, especially to the capital Antananarivo, in hopes of finding safer living conditions and work. However, the pace of life in the city is totally different from what they are familiar with in the villages, where community life is still the foundation of society. In the cities, every man fends for himself and seldom helps his neighbour. Most of these migrants have built makeshift shelters around the capital. They are struggling to find their place in society and a daily plate of rice.

Through the Namana Project, OM gives business skills training and loans to help participants start up a small business or develop an existing one.

Working together, Perline and her husband, who have three children and live in the inner city of Antananarivo, produced wooden electrical-switch bases. In the beginning they did not have enough money to get raw materials, but with loans of 100 US dollars they received from the Namana Project, their problem has been solved.

After one year they were able to repay the loans and earn some savings. They followed the business skills training, had a dream to develop their business, and with their savings and new loans of 400 US dollars at the beginning of 2013, they bought a better-performing machine to respond to their market’s needs.

Currently their business is doing well. They can sell 4,000 switch bases every couple of weeks. They do not rent their house anymore but have built their own, and their three children can now get an education.

Perline said, “Getting business skills training makes the difference. It teaches us to glorify God in how we do our business!”

Praise God for the lives changed through Namana Project. Pray for wisdom for OM Madagascar to help many more, like Perline and her family, who need it most.  


By OM International