The missionary goats

A shepherd from a Muslim background comes to Jesus thanks to a goat ministry started by OM Mozambique.

OM Mozambique Field Leader Antonio Nipueda started a ministry with goats in Mecula, north-western Mozambique, at the beginning of 2013, as a tool to provide for the other ministries in a sustainable way, and as a way to build relationships with the people of this mainly Muslim area.

The ministry started with 13 goats, and Antonio hired Valdimar* to shepherd them. Valdimar’s job was to make sure that the goats went out to graze on the fields at 7:00 in the morning, return by noon, go out again at 14:00, and then finally return to the corral for the night at 17:00.

Initially, Valdimar did not do his job. He neither checked that the goats went out, nor that they came back safely. Nevertheless, the goats themselves went in and out at the right times for several days.

This puzzled Valdimar to the point of asking Antonio, “What kind of God do you serve? I really want to know your God! I want to worship your amazing God!”

Antonio led Valdimar to Jesus. Today he still takes care of the goats – diligently this time – that “shared the gospel” with him.

On 18 December 2013, Antonio baptised 18 new believers in Jesus, among them was Valdimar.

Praise God for Valdimar’s new life in Christ! Pray that God continues to move mightily in Mecula, drawing more, like Valdimar, to Himself.

* Name changed


By OM International