Richard's Bay

"God touched and changed me," said A.J. Gatley (South Africa). The crewmember used to be indifferent to those who were affected by AIDS. "I could not have cared less," he shared. But while in Richards Bay, A.J. went with a team, which gave him a different outlook on those suffering from the disease. There were 32 children staying at a house, which was falling apart. The team lived with them for six days and helped to prepare a new home for the youngsters. "It was a blessing to hear them singing Zulu songs for two to three hours each evening," said A.J. While there, the team also attended a church service where they were asked to speak about the ship and were again struck by the dreadful impact of AIDS. Halfway through the service, a coffin was brought in. Inside was the body of a young woman.  Only 32 years old, she was another victim of AIDS.


By OM International