They ate from the lions´ food

God provided some workers´livelihood in Mozambique through a lions´prey.

In Mozambique, near the border of South Africa and Kruger National Park, some workers in the field have been struggling to make ends meet. Two of them need money to buy clothes for themselves and their children as well as money for food. They decided to build four boxes to catch fish in the river. After spending four days trying to catch fish they realized they were wasting their time and God’s. They came to the conclusion that they could have spent those four days sharing God’s love with others instead of watching their fishing boxes. They destroyed the boxes and went home, asking God for forgiveness and for His provision.

That night they were very afraid as a roaring lion was circling their house all through the night. The next morning when they went outside they found an Impala that the lion had killed outside their door, still in perfect condition. A little bit further in a bush they also discovered a bush pig that the lion had killed, also still in good condition. They were able to sell both of these animals for a very good price and buy all the clothes and food they needed. Let’s continue to thank God and trust Him for His supernatural interventions as in this case, when He let this family eat from the lions´ food and not be eaten by them!


By OM International