Coaching for life in Randfontein

Community leaders in South Africa met with SportsLink to discuss how coaches can impact the fatherless in Randfontein.

OM South Africa SportsLink ran a training session for 38 community leaders in Randfontein who were interested in using sport as a platform to invest in the youths in their community.

The training centred on the issue of fatherlessness in South Africa and how coaches as figures of authority have a tremendous impact on young lives, especially in light of the lack of such figures in the child's family.

The participants had an enjoyable time brainstorming and coming up with their own ideas on how to use sports to share biblical messages, from soccer to karate and even chess.

One important aspect of the training was that the session only provided suggested guidelines and the participants had the freedom to follow their own passions and the guidance of the Holy Spirit to start initiatives, with the main focus on connecting with youth and sharing godly values with them.

One participant, Koos, was extremely excited about the idea and immediately after the training session invited the team over to his home to share his plan of using his home gym as a platform to share about Christ with the teens that come over to lift weights.

It is exciting to think of the many other potential initiatives that could be started by other participants to share the love of the Father to the fatherless in Randfontein.


By OM International