Of punctures, an epileptic, and healing

Cycling to reach people in remote villages in Malawi, Yolanda Mamvura experienced a puncture which led her to pray for an epileptic.

Yolanda Mamvura is a Zimbabwean OMer who briefly served in Malawi.  She ministered to widows, orphans and school kids. Yolanda cycled with a fellow OMer to a village an hour away from the OM centre in Ntaja.  Cycling was not an experience Yolanda was used to especially since she had to navigate around stones and sharp objects along the path, yet those in remote villages had to be reached.

One day, she and a colleague were riding on their way to one of the villages in Malawi when both bicycle tires were punctured. They were already halfway on their journey and debated whether they should continue on or head back home. They decided to go ahead, hoping to find someone who could repair their bicycles. 

After walking for some time, the two did not find a bicycle repair shop but were instead confronted with an experience God would use for His glory. An epileptic woman, with a baby tied on her back was convulsing helplessly while a crowd gathered at a distance watching her.

The two immediately believed this experience was the reason why God convicted them to proceed after the puncture, so they proceeded to the convulsing woman, much to the amazement (if not horror) of the crowd. They untied the terrified baby and started praying for the mother.

About twenty minutes later, the woman was restored and reunited with her baby. It was then that Yolanda’s colleague, a Malawian, explained that some people in the country believe that if you touch a convulsing epileptic the condition is transmitted to you, which explained why people watched instead of helping. The two ladies explained to the crowd that the God they worship not only has power over any disease or condition but also protects those who live in fellowship with Christ.


By Simon Marijani