Presents for prisoners


Inmates at Sekondi's Central Prison received a surprise while Doulos was in Takoradi - international visitors bringing gifts! The ship's company donated many personal items for distribution amongst Takoradi's underprivileged. Soap, chocolate, books and toys formed just part of the selection given to the town's prisoners and orphans. "We want to express our gratitude for all your efforts to improve our living here," commented one of the prison staff. Esther has been an inmate at the jail for over two years. She too wanted to thank Doulos crew for making this Christmas special. The female prisoners spontaneously applauded when gifts were also offered for their young children. After receiving a present each, the group thanked their international visitors with songs and hugs.Before returning to Doulos, crewmembers prayed with several of the prisoners. Lilian (Jordan) also took time to explain how the Christmas message requires a personal response.


By OM International