Orphanage donation


Jenny Milford (Northern Ireland), Cassandra Murphy (Canada), and a few others visited an orphanage on Christmas Day while the ship was in Tema, Ghana. The work that the leaders were doing, training the children in various trades and giving them basic education, left a strong impact on the crewmembers. They wanted to do something to help. Jenny contacted her parents at home, and they raised about $1,500 through three groups in their country. When the ship visited Ghana again in March, Jenny personally turned over the funds to the orphanage. The man in charge of the orphanage, King Amuaben, wrote her later to tell her how they are spending the money. “We have settled long outstanding school fees, purchased new school uniforms, and repaired an old refrigerator and the gas cooker for the kitchen.” He finished his letter, “May the Almighty God richly bless [you] for [your] understanding of giving and [your] thoughtfulness towards orphans and the less privileged children. On the behalf of the entire children of house, the staff, my wife, and myself, we say thank you.”


By OM International