Teams head out for action


A team from Logos II drove 13 hours to the town of Katanga, on the border between Ghana and Togo. They worked together with a local man whose goal is to see people start meeting and worshipping together regularly in several villages. During the day, the crewmembers visited homes in Katanga and four other villages, and at night they held meetings to share the good news about God. Deborah Kim (South Korea) enjoyed her “crowd control” duty for children who got restless during the long preaching times with her guitar. The team helped the pastor begin to achieve his goals. Before the team left they prayed with six people who are committed to begin meeting in Katanga. “The best part for me,” said Juan Arauz (Panama), “Was meeting people who had never heard about Jesus before. When you asked them, ‘Do you know about Jesus?’ they said, ‘No, tell us about him’.”


By OM International