African welcome


About 80 people from Logos II travelled to a rural community called ‘SOS village’ on Christmas Eve. As they approached the village in a borrowed bus, a throng of people were seated in a circle waiting for them.

On one end of the circle the village chief, elders and officials sat at a table. They welcomed the visitors from the ship, walking across the centre of the circle to shake hands. Local women performed a dance to the beat of three drums, played by men dressed in colourful costume.

Then crewmembers had an opportunity to share some activities with the Ghanaian people. A group performed a re-enactment of the Christmas story while deck officer David Kamphuis (The Netherlands) read the narration. The group from the ship sang Christmas carols. “It was a strange feeling to sing songs about snow and Christmas in that steamy weather,” said one crewmember. “But it was neat for us to be able to share with them.”


By OM International