Arrival in Africa


After more than two weeks at sea, Logos II crewmembers were thrilled to see the African coast come into view early in the morning on 17 December. Esther Cabrerra (USA), one of the advance planning team members waiting to greet the ship, had a special surprise for her friends on board. Everyone thought she was joking when she had promised African animals would be waiting on the quayside when the ship arrived. Smiles broke out when crewmembers saw several giraffes, elephants and a lion waiting for them. The animals were beautiful woodcarvings made by a local artisan. As the ship pulled into harbour, port authorities placed temporary barriers on either side of the berth in anticipation of the large crowds expected at the book fair. More than 140,000 people came on board when Logos II visited Tema in 1999.


By OM International