The truth and rain

The Africa Trek team reaches out to the Damara people in Namibia.

One of those mysterious people groups found in the world, of which no clear origin is traceable, is the Damara. They are not related to any other native African ethnic group and were forced by the South African government into a bantustan in 1960—a state set aside for black people as part of apartheid—by the dry lands of Damaraland, with very little rainfall.

At team of 15 people from over 12 different nations comprising The Africa Trek reached out to these people in 2013. The team helped to plant a church among the Damara, and they started by sharing Bible passages and laying spiritual foundations.

The team found the hearts of the Damara people to be open, and locals encouraged the team to continue sharing. People said they also wanted to share from the Bible, talk about God and pray for people.

Oped, one of the locals, commented on what the team’s visit meant to him: "To me the mustard seed is what you guys are planting here. When you leave, we will continue meeting together to pray, read and listen to the Bible. The mustard seed will continue growing into a big tree amongst our people. Thank you for encouraging us.”

God also sent rain while the team was there. On the verge of tears, looking at the now-watered sand of his native town, this man concluded, "You didn't just bring us money or food. You brought us the Word of God. You brought us truth. If I could choose between Bible and money, I would choose the Bible. You also brought us rain!"


By OM International