Silent lessons

The story of a woman rescued through the anti-human trafficking work of OM Ghana.

Gina* is twenty and she comes from the Delta state in Nigeria. Her life was never easy. Her parents were farmers and she struggled through high school, just like the other farm girls. She fell for a boy nearby and became pregnant. They were living together, intending to get married, when he died. An old woman came and offered her a job in Ghana washing dishes for restaurants, which she accepted. When she arrived in Ghana she found no restaurant but rather was taken to a hotel in Kumasi. Her madam took her shopping for clothes — cheap, skanky and revealing clothes that would make her feel confident and… available. During the nights she was sent to the streets to sell her body for less than five USD. 
On the day that she met Christian and shared a few words with him, he decided to report her case to the police. Following up on the lead the police moved in on the hotel, arrested the madams and removed the girls from their situation. After three weeks of consultation, counseling and personal care, she left to go back to Nigeria to see her baby and start over. She won’t tell anyone about what happened—she’d be in deep trouble for that—but she’ll make sure her child grows up knowing what trafficking is, how it works and how to prevent it.
* name changed


By OM International