Christmas at the Train Station

Diaspora Hope at Christmas in Cape Town dazzled a crowd with music to reach hundreds with the gospel.

At a Train Station in Cape Town...

The Christmas period is a great time to bless people in different ways. The Diaspora Hope team wanted to go into the City to play Christmas carols, pray for people, witness about Christ and hand out free booklets of John’s Gospel. The goal was to visit places with many people. The first stop—the train station. The only potential hindrance was receiving  permission to evangelize in a public area. 

The team sought permission from the manager. After finding the manager’s office the team soon found themselves in the board room in front of the directors who asked for an audition before granting permission. A successful audition would open the door to witness to hundreds of people in Cape Town that day. Diego, a Diaspora Hope team member, rose to the challenge and did not disappoint. Taking out the guitar, he played a beautiful rendition of “Open the eyes of my heart LORD”. The team got an all resounding “yes” from the board and by ‘coincidence’ the manager with the final say is a Christian, passionate about evangelism.

Three hundred people went home that day with the Gospel of John. The team was able to interact with many people through prayer, encouragement and the sharing of their faith. A notable encounter came through a conversation with a man who claimed to be born a Muslim. Confused a little about what he believed, he explained he was in a process to change to Christianity. The Gospel was explained and the man prayed a simple salvation prayer to continue his journey of faith, now following Jesus.  Along with this man, several great conversations were had with people of some understanding of faith. Due to those opportunities, they know a little more about who Jesus is and what He has done for them. Through  a little courage, a bit of enthusiasm and the willingness to go and serve, God opened doors, connected his children, showed grace to the lost and received glory.


By OM International